At Villa Alesia , our goal is to provide a swanky, irresistible vibe that makes each guest feel like a celebrity, or Famous collector -- whichever you prefer!



Rue d'Alesia , 75014 Paris


Tel: +1 786 797 3434


    Villa Alesia
                  The Ultimate Luxury in Paris

The entrance of the villa sets the tone....Design and Art are everywhere

Villa Alesia is a gem in the city of lights.It is a secret nobody can find ,hidden behind a private backyard.It is totally unexpected , improbable....But there it is and you cannot believe you have found such a quiet and amazing place in the middle of the madness, in the heart of Paris.No noise ! No sound from the street.Just you enjoying the luxury and the amenities of Villa Alesia..... But don't worry  St Germain ,the frenzy ,and the best shopping in the world is just 5 minutes away...